Please contact us at Partners-in-Business Institute (PiBI), if you require any of the following services:

Advisory/Consulting Services

The partners may engage PiBI on a consultancy basis to provide advice or undertake professional work regarding various aspects of their partnership or business. For example, partnership agreements, partner communications, role clarity, responsibilities and accountabilities, and partnership exiting.

Referrals to external specialists may be provided in instances where PiBI does not have the capabilities internally (e.g., legal services).

Coaching/Mentoring Services

PiBI provides one-on-one coaching services for partners who want to develop and change their thinking and behavioural patterns on issues impacting on the partnership and the business.

Coaching is an effective short to medium term support and facilitation process that encourages individual’s to address cognitive and behaviourial changes. It is a change oriented process based around a set of goals and activities determined by the individual partner with the support of the coach.

Coaching sessions are typically conducted over a series of on a one-on-one scheduled semi-structured and focused dialogues, either in person or on-line. All sessions are confidential.

Mediation Services

PiBI provides mediation services where disagreements or conflict between partners has reached a point where resolution is unlikely or too difficult to be achieved without external assistance.

In mediation, the partners settle their disputes with the assistance of an external mediator trained in a variety of conflict resolution and effective communication techniques. The process is voluntary and can be a much more cost effective way of reaching agreement than legal processes.

Mediators are independent external partners who do not take sides or impose solutions or judgements. Their task is to assist the parties in reaching their own sustainable agreement.

Negotiation Services

PiBI provides assistance with a range of negotiations and can assist with actual negotiations, as well as, preparation, implementation and post-negotiation reviews and monitoring.

Training Workshops

PiBI offers customised workshops. Please contact us for more details.